Plotting InterruptedMature


Dark glee fills every inch of my being. I don't like Aries, I don't like Aries at all, or that smarmy little consort of his. What's even better, is that the feeling's mutual. I've got to think of something really special for this...

However, before we can start planning properly, Capricorn appears. His consort walks beside him, brandishing the kipper. My face burns red, that hadn't been part of the plan...

"Is this yours?" says the consort, handing me the kipper. I eye it critically.

"I blame the cat."

Capricorn shakes his head at me. "I should have known you'd be up to something like this. We need to find some way to occupy you when Ellie's away, otherwise it might be worse than kippers and buckets. And what cat do you mean?"

Something meows by my left foot. I look down to find my treacherous, scheming hairball of a cat rubbing itself against my legs as if it had never done anything wrong. I resist the urge to bend down and throttle it and look back at Capricorn instead.

"About that..."

"Never mind." says his consort. "It was more amusing than harmful. Besides, you two need to clean yourselves up, remember dinner?"

Ellie and I look at each other in surprise. I think we'd both forgotten about dinner in the flurry of excitement beforehand. Ellie grabs my hand and we both scamper off towards her quarters. As we run, I lean in close and hiss in her ear.

"How's about we get down to some quality plotting later. I've got a few ideas that might just work..."

The End

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