I had learned about the kipper on my search for Sable and immediatly knew it was him. But so did everyone else. But I didn't expect to find him caked in mud.

Sable looks at me only his head still out of the bush. I bet he's wondering what he can do. Trying to find a way out. But I can't hold my laughter back and let it burst out from my lips.

He's immediatly confused as I begin to laugh clutching my stomach. I stumble over to him and pulling him to his feet, I wipe the mud from his lips and kiss him.

"God you are aweful. And such a bad influence..." I say shaking my head and biting my lower lip. He smiles and lets his arms wrap around me. Clearly conviced I ain't going to tell him off.

"Yes, but would you like me if I was like goody two shoes Eric?" Sable says waggling his eyebrows. I giggle then look up at him detirmined.

"You want to play pranks on my father... Go ahead" I say shrugging. I put a finger to his lips. "But we have to get back at Aries first for forcing me into that task. So how can I help?"

Sable slowly smiles.

The End

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