Back beneath the bush, I wish I had enough room to kick myself. Evidently my attempt with the bucket didn't go entirely wrong ... and now someone wants to know why they have been viciously attacked by a smelly kipper in a steel bucket. Although, I am somewhat surprised they haven't seen the cat.

Still, I don't dare emerge from under the bush. I'mstill covered in mud for the most part - my hair is coated in it and as for my clothes ... well, they're just a dead giveaway. Besides, I doubt any of this lot would suspect one of their own for doing this, leaving only me as a suspect. I'd be a damned sight more than a suspect if they saw me, so I'm staying under the bush.

"Sable! Get out here now!"

Or maybe not. I groan and bury my head in my hands, of all the times to come back it had to be now didn't it? If she finds me ... I don't even want to think about the consequences. She'll know it was me with the kipper - if I'm honest, who wouldn't? - and if she kicks up a fuss about it then I will be in the mother of all dog poop.

Particularly seeing as the kipper landed on her father's consort... whoops.

Ellie continues to call for me, her voice getting steadily closer. I stick my head out tentatively from under the bush, looking for some way to get out of this incriminating situation before-

"There you are? What the hell are you doing ... and why are you coated in mud."

Too late.

The End

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