As Pegasus jump into the air I squealed tightening my grip on her mane causing her to throw her head back slightly in annoyance. "Sorry" I mutter and loosen my grip.

Flying on a Pegasus is not gentle. Its like riding a horse and I find myself having to grip tightly around her neck. I create a Ice saddle ontop of her back which helps me ride her better.

The air flies past my cheeks. "Lets get back to Sable" I say. Pegsaus nods and we fly till we reach the stables. Aries is waiting and he smiles when Pegasus trots into her new home on her own.

"I'm impressed" Aries says when I put the water down for Pegasus. "I thought you'd be much much longer"

I smile. "Now I'm going to find Sable and grab some food" I say storming past him and letting my shoulder bump his rudely. I'm annoyed at him so I don't care if he thinks I'm rude.

I continue into the main building and grab a piece of fruit from the kitchen before begining my search for Sable. Where could he be? And what is he up to??

The End

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