"No!!!" I yell as the horse spots me again and gallops off out of the forest and onto the plain. No way can I catch a horse out there.

At least Aries had the decency to show me how to shoot an arrow which will turn into a harness when it hits the horse... or what ever I want it to. Its going to be very useful in the future I believe.

I stalk through the forest kicking at leaves on the ground. Why can't I catch a horse? I thought they were part of my star sign?

I huf annoyed and duck under a vine. Then I see her.... head lower to the floor eat up ahead. Her wings and folded against her back. "Pegasus" I whisper. The horse looks up and at me and I think I'm going to loose this one as well. But lifting her head the pegasus calmly trots over and nuzzles my neck.

I cant help but giggle and stroke the pegasus's neck. "Hmm, you might be my horse" I whisper.

"I will be that if you want me for I am choosing you"

"Oh my gosh, you can speak" I gasp.

"Only to you and your mind"

I smile brightly. "Awesome.... may I ride you pegasus?" I ask. The horse sort of nods and I move round to get up onto its back.

"Hold on tight"

The End

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