Bored ... and DangerousMature


I'm not usually one for melodramatics, but I was so bored I could have chewed my own arm off just for something to do. I pace up and down the marbled courtyards, circle the crystalline trees and peer into every open door I can find, but I find nothing. I start talking to myself as I walk, muttering and snarling under my breath. Where the heck was Ellie? She'd been gone for hours now and I hadn't seen a living soul anywhere since she'd gone.

"What sort of stinking training could take this long?" I ask myself.

I sigh and perch on one of the low walls surrounding an outer courtyard. My gaze wanders lazily over the place, taking in the shining white stone and cloudless blue sky. Everything here is beautiful, perfect and idyllic. In other words, boring.

My mind wanders back to the events of this morning and I find myself smiling involuntarily. If only those few precious moments could have gone on forever ... then again, we do have all eternity don't we? I wonder what Eric and Melody would make of Ellie and I together, and the thought of the look on Eric's face is almost enough to make me laugh out loud. I'll bet the other Zodiacs and their consorts are equally shocked - if we didn't have such powerful fathers I suspect we would both be in trouble already. Odd that neither of us ever knew about our parentage too, we're far more alike than I first thought. To think I once set a hell hound on the girl who would later save my life.

Wait .... an idea strikes me. The hell hound. I hadn't called Keroo since I tried to take Ellie. There was the cat too, doubtless shredding some unsuspecting piece of furniture back at home. I'd left the animal alone enough times, but it was always grumpy when I left it for too long and usually attacked the nearest thing in sight...

Hang on a moment.

I smother a cackle. This is just perfect. Saggitarius' consort I may be, but I'm still me. And when Sable gets bored, Sable get's dangerous. Scraps of the plan are already starting to come together; a large kipper, some fish paste, some rubber gloves ....

All I need now is an unsuspecting victim. Hmm.... the choices....

The End

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