"Oh Screw this" I turn on my heel and turn my bow into a ring on my finger like Aquarius showed me. "I'm continuely hitting that target dead on. Now, I'm hungry and want to see Sable"

"You can't" Aries says appearing before me. I look up at him then slowly glare. No wonder Sable is starting to hate this guy.

"Yes, I can" I say then head round him. He grabs hold of the top of my arm firmly. And I look up at him to yell at him but seeing the cold old glare I'm immediatly silenced.

"You need to train" he says firmly then begins dragging me behind him. "We're going to the stables" We walk past Aquarius and I look at her with a look that plainly days 'help'.

She smiles lightly but doesn't move to help. I then sigh heavily and follow Aries as he drags me along.

We get to a set of Stables and he stops in front of a gate with the saggitarius star sign on it. I look around at the rest of the stables and realise its not just for horses. "Wow" I whisper.

"Yes it is amazing" Aries says looking down at me. "Your next task is to capture a wild horse out back"

"What?!?" I say looking at him shocked. He smiles michievously.

"You will not eat or see Sable till you do" Aries says then strides over to a stable. He opens a gate and a ram walks out. He strokes it softly. "The animal must also choose you as well"

I nod. I don't like it but if this the only way I get to see Sable next then I have to do it quickly.

The End

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