Youngest and lastMature


Some how sitting sideways in that chair my body fits it perfectly. Like it was designed for me.... it probably was. Watching the quarrel was even worse but I knew if I said anything I'd get glared at.

When Titan asked if any other subjects needed to be brought up I took in a sharp breath. Then I put up my hand. Titan looked at me eyebrow raised and Sable looked at me confusion.

"Do I have to be called Saggitarius?" I say. A few of the star signs laugh and the tension in the room breaks. Titan smiles.

"Yes you do" He says. I pout but he continues. "Council adjurned"

Everyone files vanishes in their seats with their consorts except for Capricorn and his who seem to be having an arguement. The consort pulls away and skips down the steps then up mine. "Hello, young Saggitarius. I am the consort of Capricorn, Jenna" She says with a curtsy.

"Hey" I say standing up and beginning with me down the steps. I head for Sable whose talking with Capricorn so I stop and turn to Jenna.

"You're the first spirit to fall in love with a Dark Reaper arent you?" I say raising an eyebrow. Jenna smiles puttin one hand on her hip.

"Thats me and everyone almost thought I was the prophecy child till you turned up" Jenna said with a friendly smile. "You're gonna have it harder than me though with Sable as you consort. Me being Capricorns is quite easy"

"I think the hardest part is going to have Titan as a father" I say looking at his large seat high in the chamber.

"Hmm, I suppose" Jenna says.

"Jenna" We turn to see Capricorn calling her over. Sable's to the right of him looking at me in deep thought. I smile and skip over throwing myself into his arms. He catches me but doesn't smile straight away after a minute hesitation.

"I'll see you two later today at dinner.... Saggitarius after is when your training really starts"

The End

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