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Ack. This is awkward. I don't like this at all. Aries' consort clearly doesn't like me, and neither it seems do many of the others. I don't know if I've even met them before and they already hate my guts. This is going badly.

Titan gets to his feet, looking slightly dejected.

"You do realise that all of us sitting here are just as bad as Sable in some way or another."

Uproar. The Zodiacs and their consort break out into howls of fury. They clearly think being compared to me is some sort of insult .... I just want to crawl off into some dark corner and vanish. Titan waits for the howling to die down before he begins again.

"You don't agree? Well, what exactly has he done wrong? He's only followed the instincts of his kind - he is no worse than any others in that respect. Is it his fault that Saggitarius would be too strong for him, even as a spirit? Is it his fault the Light Reapers over-reacted and brough him before the Elders? No, it is just as much our fault as his."

"What about Ravyn?" shrieks one of the consorts, Illiana again. Aries turns red, but Titan merely sighs.

"Ah yes, I was wondering when we would get to that. Sable is indeed guitly of murdering Ravyn, there is no way we can deny that." he turns to me. "Why did you kill her, Sable?"

I swallow, not daring to look at anyone, keeping my eyes locked on the floor.

"I wanted revenge." I stammer. "I wanted revenge on the Light Reapers. I thought Capricorn had killed my father, and I thought he turned Light Reaper when he did so. And ... and I wanted revenge for the time they tried to kill me too."

Titan raises an eyebrow and looks around at the council. "Do you hear that? Do you all hear that? Sable was scarcely more than a child when some of your own kindred decided to kill him, and what for? Was it because they didn't want to run the risk of another Dark Reaper joining our ranks, as Capricorn did? Or were you just so fuelled by hate that they turned on the vulnerable child who had no-one to protect him? We cannot say he is blameless, for Ravyn did not deserve the fate she suffered either, but we are no longer an innocent party either. We cannot deny that Sable's bond with Saggitarius is just as strong as our own." He smiles slightly. "Why else would she fling herself into an arena full of hungry draugs to save his life?"

The other Zodiacs are silent. Even the mouthy Illiana is mollified, but she and Aries still seem hostile. I doubt a simple speech will dull their hatred of me for a long while yet - if ever.

"Then we all agree? Saggitarius will join us as the final member of our council, to be trained as one of us with no opposition. And we all agree that, as they are marked, Saggitarius may take the Dark Reaper Sable as her consort?"

The council nod their agreement. I let out a sigh of relief, almost shaking with nerves. That was scary, being in the middle of all those angry zodiacs. Especially when they all seemed to be baying for my blood - not that they seem all too friendly now either. Titan nods and I back out of the centre of the room as fast as I can, sliding behind the back of Ellie's chair and trying to appear nonchalant.

"Is there anything else any member wishes to discuss?" Titan calls out over the group. Ellie and I hold our breath, both of us thinking the same thing in unison.

Please don't let there be anything about us.

The End

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