The Zodiac's... and DaddyMature


We walk into the hall and I've noticed its changed.... Instead of just 12 podiums for each sign's weapons there is now large carved seat behing them having to be reached by steps.

They are positioned in a curve but their is an extra seat at the middle point of the curve. Higher set up that the others. Sitting in the seat is... "Hey, Daddy" I say folding my arms and looking round at the coucil.

Titan smiles. "Hey, my child Saggitarius" He says pronoucing my new name. I moan once again at it and it cause him to smile wider.

Capricorn clasps my shoulder then heads for his seat which is at the start of the curve. Just then I notice sitting on the steps up to each chair is a person. On Capricorns steps is a strong firm looking women. Tall and thin. Sitting with her legs spread down the steps.

She see's me and waves kindly. As Capricorn makes his way up the steps to the chair he leans down and kisses her forehead lovingly. They are all the consorts of the Zodiac's.....

I look around again. Some are Light Reapers and some are Spirits. I turn back to look at my father then do what I should have done earlier. I kneel and then rise to my feet once again.

"My Child, you may take your seat but your consort must remain in the centre" Titan explains. I nod and turn to Sable. I kiss him lovingly on the lips then turn and head for my chair at the end of the curve.

I grab my bow from the podium before making my way up the steps and sitting down.

"Sable" Titan calls. "Do you know why you are here?"

Sable nods then takes a deep breath to speak. "I am here because I am in love with El-"

"You must call her by her true name" Aries shouts out. I scoff causing everyone to look at me as I turn sideways in my chair to hang my legs over one of the arm rests.

"Okay, I am here cause I am in love with Saggitarius and because of my past life I am hated among the Light Reaper comunity" Sable finishes.

"Damn straight" Snaps Aries consort.

"Hush, Illiana" Aries says placing a hand on the head of the younf Light Reapers head. "You cannot speak during the council time only through me"

Then everyone looks back to Sable and I'm fightened till Titan speaks again.

The End

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