Bliss InterruptedMature


I don't know how long we stayed together, time and everything around us just seemed to pale into nonexistance. I was where I wanted to be, and I would have given anything if those few precious moments could have lasted forever. This was where I belonged, and I had no desire to ever be anywhere else. It was hard to believe I had ever desired Ellie for something as pitiful as her soul - or to imagine that I had been content to spend eternity alone. Well, I wasn't alone any more.

However, to both my and Ellie's disgust, someone knocked on the door later that day. Ellie shook her wayward hair out of her face and I slink into a corner, watching the door. Who dared disturb us? I'd happily kick them to kingdom come at this stage, don't these stupid star signs have any concept of privacy?

"Sable!" Ellie gasped. I shrugg innocently

"I wouldn't really kick anyone." I say sweetly. Ellie rolls her eyes.

It's Capricorn at the door, looking completely calm and seemingly not noticing both mine and Ellie's dishevelled state.

"The council are calling a meeting." he says. "It's to discuss your and Sable's future here. Come, we must be prompt."

An involuntary gasp escapes me, but I clamp a hand over my mouth to keep from further outbursts. I think both Ellie - or should I call her Saggitarius now? - know how important this meeting could be.

Soon all three of us are heading for the meeting hall. I expect to be left outside, but Ellie refuses to let go of my hand. I take it consorts are allowed to accompany their partners into these sort of things ... I just hope they don't expect me to say much. I doubt they'd like my opinions.

"Well." says Ellie as we prepare to enter the hall. "Here goes nothing."

"Indeed." I nod. "Let's do this thing!"

The End

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