"Saggitarius!" Capricorn's voice calls throug through the door. "I think there's someone here to see you"

I jump at the last words. I lay my bow down on its podium then run to the door at full pelt. I only barely get the door open when I see Sable and pull him into a hug. "Oh god, I'm sorry I left you" I whisper into his neck.

"If you two wants so privacy I surggest going to your room Saggitarius" Capricorn tells me watching the school group of Light Reapers. I pull away from Sable and nod to Capricorn. I take Sable's hand and pull him through the building to the living quarters then to my room.

As soon as I shut the door I kiss Sable hard on the mouth. He hesitates a secound then kisses back resting his hands on my waist while my push up into his hair. I pull back for air and rest my forehead against his.

"I've missed you" I whisper. "I felt so terrible leaving you only partly healed. I hope that nothing-"

I stop short. The room is completely silent except for the strong beat of two hearts..... Two?!?!

I press my ear to Sable's chest and gasp when I feel the light thump of a heart. I look at him unable to speak then press my ear back to his chest to make sure its actually there.

"Yeah... I have a heart" Sable says. I look up at him and stutter. He leans down and quickly kisses me. I tense for a secound then settle into it taking his face in my hands. Sable pulls away slightly. "And I can't say I don't enjoy"

His lips brush mine as we speak and I shiver. "You're not leaving this room till I'm done with you" I whisper brushing my lips along his jaw.

Sable chuckles. "Yes, My Lady.... I am your consort I believe you're incharge" I can't help but giggle and Sable cuts it short by kissing me.

The End

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