Firing my bowMature


"Shoot" Capricorn shouts. I realise the string and the arrow shoot forward. The arrow misses the target by miles and a someone walking by squeals. Its a group of Light Reapers here for a study visit.

"Sorry!" I yell. The group look at me gasp then begin to mutter among themselves. I moan then turn to Capricorn. "Was everyone at the arena?"

Capricorn smiles. "Probably, Saggitarius" He says. I pout and glare at him once again.

"I told you to call me Ellie" I say annoyed.

"Sorry, Saggitarius. You have to get use to your new name. I think everyone apart from Sable will start calling you that" Capricorn tells me.

I moan and turn back to the target. I pull back the string the arrow appearing magically. Then I fire at the target. It hits the edge. I yell out in glee and punch the air. Then I turn on Capricorn.

"You promised if I hit it today you would allow Sable up" I say hands on hips and looking straight at him.

Capricorn sighs. "Fine I will go and find him but you must stay here" he says. I pout but turn and head for the building. The Zodiac shrine is whats its called. I find it very funny.

I go to the Zodiac chamber where the podium's stand and go to mine. I kneel before it like I was taught and close my eyes.

The End

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