Exhaustion Takes OverMature


I'm too exhausted to really notice where Eric and Titan are taking me. I simply try and keep myself awake, dragging my feet as I try to stay upright. I've never been so exhausted in my life. Eric seems reluctant to stay near me in this state. I think he's still rather attached to Ellie, despite our obvious bond. Well, she was his charge after all.

Titan and Eric deposit me in a small room beneath the arena. I lie in a sort of semi-crumpled heap, too weak even to move into a more comfortable position. Titan shakes his head at me.

"You're going to take a good while to mend." he says. "But I reckon you'll be just fine. Until then, I've got to explain to the Elders just how serious their actions could have been. Eric, you come with me, give poor Sable some space to recover."

Eric nods and follows Titan without another word. When they leave the room, I suddenly find myself very alone. I shift in position slightly, wishing I wasn't the only one here. I can't believe I of all people - black-hearted, unforgiving, murderous me - am lying here pining after a girl I wanted to kill only a few days ago. But still, I wish I had some way of communicating with her, wherever she is. It must be some sort of consort bond, I can still feel her dimly on the edge of my mind, but she's vague and indistinct like a shadow. Nothing like the real, living, breathing laughing bundle that curled up in my arms back home in my bunker.

"I wonder what the cat's doing?" I muse out loud, laughing at the randomness of my thought patterns.

Finally, after a few minutes lying awake, I drop off, still sprawled inelgantly on my side, breathing calm for the first time in days. Sleep is a welcome relief after the terror of this past day.

The End

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