Becoming a Star SignMature


We arrive in a court yard. The light around is almost blinding. I squint my eyes slightly and look around. In the centre of a circle paved are is a willow tree but it seems to be made out of crystals. I gasp.

"Its called a Crystal Light Willow. They don't exist on earth. I blooms once every year" Capricorn says resting a firm hand on my shoulder. I look back at Capricorn.

"I wish Sable could see it with me" I whisper tears springing to my eyes.

" Someone who is not a Star Sign can only enter when a official Star Sign lets it. He will not come here until you are trained" a women says approaching me.

"This is Aquarius" Capricorn says.

"Will I end up being called Sagitarius?" I whisper looking back at him. He nods and tightens his firm grip on my shoulder.

"Yes and you will have to learn to control both your immortal and starlight glow" Capricorn tells me. I nod then look down at the white paved floor.

"Follow me young one" Aquarius says. I look at Capricorn who nods. I then follow Aquarius, Capricorn walking behind me calmly. "You will learn to summon your weapon and control your energy here with us"

Aquarius turns to face me as we reach a large set of engraved oak doors. As I study it I see each star sign's sign.  "Whats my weapon?" I ask.

"A bow and arrow of corse" Aquarius says and then the doors swing open to reveal a large room. It has 12 podiums only one  with a weapon resting on it.

A bow made of crystal but as I walk over and pick it up is feels as strong as thick metal. "This is mine" I whisper and turn to face the two star signs. They both smile.

"You have to learn o use it first... then this room will turn into the council of the Zodiac's" Aquarius says gesturing around at the room. "Each podium become a chair with a stool next to it for their consort all in order"

I look around then down at the bow in my hand. "And I'm going to be one" I whisper looking up again. Capricorn nods. "And the only one not a Reaper"

The End

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