In the HeartMature


"I love you Sable.... please you can't die yet. I don't care if you wake up with your heart still cold..." I take a deep breath then continue to whisper. "Just wake up"

A tear falls from my eye and splashes on his cheek. It shines against the light and seems to soak into his skin.

Suddenly Sable sucks in a sudden breath and begins coughing. He rolls over and coughs out something black.... something dark and gooey. He then looks across at me and I can't help but almost cry.

I pull him into my arms and begin to cry. Just then 10 Light Reapers appear in the arena. Capricorn nods respectively to them all. "My brother and Sister Zodiac's" He says putting a fist to his chest and bowing.

"Capricorn they all chorus" Then bow in the same way. Then their eyes turn to me. One steps forward and bows his body slightly and offers me his hand. "We are here for you little one.... its time to start your training"

"But I can't leave him" I whisper tightening my grip on Sable. He does the same looking at the male Zodiac angrily.

"You need to come, little one" The zodiac says again.

"Does she have to come now Aries?" Capricorn asks. "She only just got my son back to her"

Aries rises and looks at Capricorn. "You know the rules Capricorn. Once you've been lit you can't turn yor back to your training" Aries says sternly.

"Go Ellie... I'll look after Sable" Eric says putting a hand on my shoulder.

"And he will be under my protection" There is gasps through the crowd and I turn my head to look at Titan.... to look at my father.

"I don't want to leave him" I whisper. Titan looks at me sympathetically.

"You know you have to go, daughter" Titan says. I nod silently then look at Sable. I lean in and kiss him lightly on the lips then pull back and get up. I walk over to Capricorn and he takes my hand and pulls me towards the other zodiac's.

I look back at Sable to see pain on his face. Titan walks up and whispers in his ear. Sable looks back at him then at me and is just about to speak when... FLASH!!

The End

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