One Way or AnotherMature


Capricorn and I scramble over the railings after Ellie. I feel like someone's just dropped a load of cold water over my head, and Capricorn's as white as a sheet. I can't believe what I'm seeing - nobody stands up to a pack of draugs like that, not even their handlers dare to face them en masse like that! And throwing an Elder into a wall? What is Ellie playing at? Does she want to bring the wrath of every Light Reaper in existence down on top of her? I shake my head and knees beside her, grimacing at the drained, bloodless look of Sable's skin.

"It doesn't look good." I say to her. "There was a lot of damage."

I'm right. Dried blood coats Sable's entire body. The wounds may be healed, but the sheer volume of spilt blood gives an idea of how bad the injuries were. I put a hand on Ellie's shoulder, she's almost shaking with shock.

"Ellie." I whisper. "I... I think we may have been too late."

"No," she gasps, "No, we can't have been. He's alive, I know he is, I can feel it."

"He may be alive now, but I don't think he can hold on for long." Capricorn's face is grave as he looks at his son's broken body. "The damage goes deeper than flesh wounds - not even you can give him back the blood he's lost." He runs his fingers through the bloodstained sand.

I sigh and wrap an arm around Ellie's shoulders. She stiffens slightly, but doesn't move. She links her fingers through Sable's, the marks on their wrist touching through the bloodied skin. A faint glow starts from the area, so faint I can barely see it, but there none the less. Ellie whispers something in Sable's ear and I swear I hear just the faintest hiss of a reply. Their bond is close, I can feel it. I stand up and look around at the crowds, seeing the shock on each and every one of their faces.

"You're lucky." I call to them. "You're lucky they're not dead. If Sable dies then Ellie dies with him. You all know about the prophecy don't you? Well guess what," I jerk my head in Ellie's direction, "she's it!"

I turn back to Ellie, feeling rather pleased that I've managed to rattle the other Light Reapers so easily, but I too am equally stunned when I see what's going on. Both Ellie and Sable are glowing faintly, but it's growing steadily brighter with every passing second. Their entwined wrists are positively ablaze with light. Capricorn steps back and stands beside me.

"It's their last chance." he says. "If Ellie can't change Sable, they'll both die. The prophecy is coming true ... one way or another."

The End

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