The pain in my chest began just as we reached the arena. It was so painful I fell to my knees crying out. "Damn they've started" Capricorn pulled me back to my feet but it was hard to walk never mind run and both Eric and Capricorn pulled me along.

We get into the arena and up to the railing just as another pain lances through me. I stumble forward having to grip the bars of the railings. Then I stare down into the arena.

Sable's on his back lying in his own blood. I feel some sort of stregth spike through me at this. "NO!" I scream and vault the railing. Both Eric and Capricorn try to grab me but the miss and don't dare follow.

I walk up to one of the bear/mutt like creatures and set it alight. It howls in pain all the monsters turn on me. I feel something burn deep inside me.

A glow forms on my skin and I light a flame in my hand.... but not with fire but with light. "Step away" I growl to the beasts. The whole pack begins to wimper and as I step closer to Sable they back further and further away.

There is silence in the crowd of the arena as the beast back into the cages. I wait till they are in them to flick my hand to shut the doors. Then I kneel down next to Sable and pull his head into my lap.

His eyes flicker open. "Ellie" he chokes out. I smile with pain.

"I think it might be Saggitarius now" I whisper wiping some of the blood off his face. He stares shock.

"What is this outrage?!?" The voice of one of The Elders echo's through out the arena. I bare my teeth angrily. I press a hand to Sable forhead and heal all of his cuts.... not that it will help with his energy or the blood he's soaked in and lost.

I lower his head to the ground then get to my feet and turn on The Elder. "How dare you try to kill him" I yell my eyes burning and my skin glowing brighter. The Elder looks shocked. "I am the daughter of Titan and you will not kill my consort!"

I flick a hand at The Elder and she stumbles back into the wall hitting it hard. I look around the arena daring anyone to challange me then turn back to Sable and kneel.

Well done daughter.... but its not over yet. Titan's voice echo's through my head and I know he means about me having to change Sable's soul...... and convice everyone here to except him.

But I first need him to wake up, again!

The End

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