Running against the clockMature


Capricorn opens the portal and we step through it on to a white cobbled street its empty but I can hear noise from a large theater styled building ahead. It looks slightly medival styled all the houses. "Damn it" Eric swears. "They've blocked of the chamber haven't they"

Capricorn nods silently. "We'll have to get there on foot, that will take almost an hour" He says. "The Elders are acting stupid. They know Ellie will die... they just don't want another Dark Reaper becoming the finally star sign"

"Saggitarius?" Eric gasps. "But no one has ever been Saggitarius"

"I left it open for a special person and its not Sable" We all turn to the voice to see Titan standing in the middle of the road. Both Capricorn and Eric bow but I don't. Titan slowly smiles at me.

"I think you know what I mean" Titan says smiling at me.

"If Sable doesn't live. I will personally kill you if I get the chance" I say sternly. Titan laughs and its a light sound. Both Capricorn and Eric are staring at me.

"Why would you do that.... daughter" Titan says with a smile. Eric and Capricorn take in a sharp breath.

"Cause I don't like being used" I say thenb turn and head for the arena. I run quickly and Eric and Capricorn follows me.

"He's your father" Eric whispers to me shocked.

"I don't care. He's never been there for me and I won't forgive him is Sable dies" I snap.

"Immortals can only die by turning into Shades..... and thats going to kill the world. It all makes perfect sence" Capricorn whisper shaking his head.

"And so does the prophecy" Eric whispers. I look across at him.

"How does that go?" I ask. Eric takes a deep breath then speaks the prophecy from heart.

"A child born of immortal blood,

Only known with her death,

She has the gift no one would ever want,

The heart of ice that needs to be warmed,

Her hearts death will kill the world,

A shade of Ever that will never rest,

But if her heart survives the final star will be lit"

"Oh great" I snap. "And here I was hoping it wasn't about me" I bare me teeth then pick up my running pace.

The End

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