Power..... No one thought I hadMature


As soon as that portal snaps shut.... I go mad. I kick back out at Capricorn sending him flying. I turn on Eric whose still struggling with the root. I grab hold of his neck and force him into a wall.

He begins to choke and stares at me with shock. "If you kill him you kill me you idiot" I snap almost growling. "And just harming him has made me mad"

I feel my hair begin to float around me like the whole world has lost gravity. Which, I think, it has..... Capricorn gets up from across the street and he has to struggle from floating away.

"Ellie.... Why the hell are you protecting him?" Eric chokes. "Don't you see what he's done to you?"

"He's done nothing Eric" I yell. "My soul is as strong as its ever been. And if you really cared about me you wouldn't be even so much as nipping him. You and your group of bandits are the ones cracking my soul!"

"Ellie! Stop!" Capricorn yells but it gets through to me and I let go of Eric's neck. I stare at him as he slowly gets his breath back.

"Why do you want to kill me?" I whisper tears springing to my eyes. Eric stares in shock.

"I want to save you" Eric whispers.

"But you can't by killing him Eric!" I shout tears trailing down my cheeks. I turn to run off but Capricorn catches my arm and pulls me into a hug.

Then something strange happens.... my form begins to flicker becoming no longer solid for a secound. "Oh my god, did she just fade for a secound?" Eric gasps.

I feel Capricorn nod. "She'll fade if Sable even comes close to death" Capricorn says and that causes me to cry even more.

"But he could probably be close to death now.... Shit, the whole world" Eric whispers. I pull back to look around. Everything seems to be going black around the edges.

"Seems we've found the actually child of prophecy" Capricorn says looking down at me.

"Oh my god.... you mean if she fades..... earth will lose life" Eric whispers. Capricorn continues to look at me.

"You need to get my son out of the arena... now. If he so much as gets a limb pulled off.... bye bye every living thing"

The End

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