Okay, I was happy he trusted to bring me up. What I wasn't happy of was Eric, Melody, Lynette and someone else outside.

The last persons mind was quite blinding I didn't dare risk searching through it for a name. "I think only one of them is coming in" I mutter, frowning at Eric's complicated thoughts.

"That might be okay" Sable says. He's twirling a coin through his fingers, down and up constantly. I look at the coin and relise its not a normal one but seems to be some sort of medallion.

"Whats that?" I asks geturing to it. Sable stop twirling the coin and looks at it down his palm.

"It was my fathers" Sable whispers.

"And I'm disapointed in you" a voice says. We both look up and I swear Sable would of had a heart attack if he had a heart.

"How are you alive?" Sable chokes out. The man standing before us is wearing a long black coat with long sleeves. His eyes are as dark as can be and his hair is long and pulled back.

Sable's father sighs and sits down in the seat next to me. "I didn't really die Sable. That's just what the Truimvate wanted you to believe. I even had to except the fact you wouldn't be able to face the truth" He looks directly at his son.

"Face the truth of what?" Sable says his teeth clenched. I stare at Sable's father, his mind is no longer a blinding light and I look into it easily.

"Why haven't you told him?" I whisper. Sable's father looks at me and smiles. Sable then looks at me as well but with confusion.

"Would you be able to tell him all that?" He says smiling lightly. I look at him then shake my head.

"Tell me what?" Sable snaps. I turn and look directly at him.

"I learnt part of it when you took me to the Truimvate..... Sable, your father wasn't killed by Capricorn. He is Capricorn. You're the son of the first ever Dark Reaper"

The End

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