I felt strange..... sort of daring. No longer like a goody two shoes girl. "Hey, can I get some new clothes?" I ask.

"I'll fetch you some tommorow. I can't take you cause I'll have to be quick. Any requests?" He ask raising an eyebrow.

"Black and a pair of dr martins size 6" I say and flash a smile. Sable raises an eyebrow but smiles back. I get up and walk over to him. He pulls me into his arms and I fit almost perfectly.

"You are becoming Dark" Sable whispers nipping my ear. I shiver and he begins kissing my neck. Which doesn't help, it only makes my heart race and my breathing coming out quickly.

I turn to face him and catch his lips. I let the kiss deepen and it feels almost right. But then I pull away and just cuddle up to his chest. Sable watches me for a secound then just shrugs.

He holds me gently and I find myself slowly pass off into sleep.


Its dark.... I can't see a thing. I try and look around then a light sparks off to my left. I turn to face it and see..... myself.

I hold up my hand and she doesn't copy. Not a reflection then. "No, I am not" the other me says. "I'm here to tell you to stop"

A look of pity covers the other me's face. "Stop what?" I whisper.

"Stop losing your soul.... me when you can save his" the other me whispers.... my soul whispers.

"But how?" I ask.

"Only you can work that out" she tells me. Then slowly she begins to fade.

"Wait! No!" I scream.


I bolt up into a sitting position out of breath. I look around and see nothing then I look behind me and down to see Sable asleep on the bed. His arms are open from where I was lying.

Tears spring to my eyes I bring my knees to my chest, bury my face in them.... and begin to cry.

The End

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