Time OutMature


"Oh my god, so you're Sable's partner. Glad you ain't a goody two shoes then we really don't want to loose Sable" Fay says tilting her head and smiling at me.

I have just finished telling my story and they both seem happy with the present happening. "That's so cool that Sable actually got a powerful stable spirit" Rio says. "And a dark one at that"

A dark one.... so its not my imagination. I am turning dark.... Suddenly a cloud of mist appear next to me. I turn to face Sable who opens his mouth to speak then see's the two reapers behind me.

He summons his syth and pushes me behind him. "Calm down. They aint gonna hurt me" I snap then move round of him to high five Fay and bump fist with Rio. I turn to look at Sable eyebrow raised. He lowers his syth then pulls a back pack off and chucks it to me.

"Theres some food and drink" he says then sits down on a chair in the room. I nod then go over and sit down on the floor next to him opening the bag. I feel his hand go into my hair and begin passing through it.

"So Sable..... How is it dealling with a formed spirit?" Rio asks sitting down with Fay in his lap.

"Difficult" Sable says through his teeth. His hand in my hair feels calming but sort of has a possesiveness feel to it.

"I would say" Fay says looking at me. I smile and she smiles back. "But at least she's a dark one" Sable tenses at that then looks at me.

I look up at him and smile resting into his leg. He lets a arm rest round me and then looks back at Fay and Rio. "I suppose so but we need to be going" He says pulling me to my feet just as I get an apple out of the rucksack. I pull it onto my back and let Sable pulls me behind him by my hand.

I bite into it and 'hmm' at the taste. I haven't ate in ages. "Where are we going?" I ask.

"To my house" He turns to face me. "Ellie, is your heart really going cold?" I hesitate but then nod slowly. Sable smiles gleefully then brings me to him kissing me hard on the mouth. I feel coldness spark through me. Sable pulls back and licks his lips. "It really is"

I blush. He did that to test my soul? He smiles again then begins walking again pulling me along behind him. I eat my apple slowly. I mean I must have to make this food last don't I.

The End

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