Reluctantly In LoveMature


Yawn. This is so exceedingly dull I might have to chew my own arm off just for something to do. Sitting rather precariously on top of the school building, feet dangling somewhat precariously over the edge, I watch the students make their way home. None of them are particularly interesting, but where else am I more likely to find what I want? I keep very still, not wanting to draw any attention to myself. Eric, Melody and their female companion come out last of all, muttering together just below me. I strain my ears and listen in on their conversation.

"... but we still don't know what he's going to do with her!" That's Eric, sounding very wound up indeed.

"He can't hurt her though, she's his consort now. Besides, she could whoops Sable's ass with her powers ... couldn't she?" Melody's voice, shaky and rather nervous.

"Sable is stronger than you think. He took Lynette down without so much as a second thought and look what he did to her face!" Eric again.

"He's evil Mel." Lynette, angry and upset at the same time. "He's an evil, sneaking, sadistic, black-hearted bugger of the worst sort. I don't know why they let him live, why doesn't someone just kill him?"

I have to smother a laugh. Kill me? That's been tried before, and that was years ago now. Nobody has dared try again since - with good reason. I didn't kill half a dozen Light Reapers for fun.

"Well, our only chance is to keep looking. They'll have to come up again sometime, Ellie's going to need food and water - I don't know if they have any of that in He... down there."

"I guess so. Come on, let's start looking before it gets dark. I don't like the thought of being caught out here on our own. There are worse things than Sable out here, and I don't want to meet them."

With that they run off, streaking over the fields and calling Ellie's name frantically. I smirk and get to my feet, leaping off the roof once they're out of sight. Time to find a human to hunt.

I find one not far away, a teenage boy walking home alone from the bus stop. He's what most mortals would call a "nerd" I suppose, tall and gangly with big glasses and oversized shoes. He never even sees me coming, my scythe stabs him in the back and his soul is in my hands in seconds. Although I prefer to remove souls with the body intact - such as I tried to do with Ellie - weaker spirits are easier to extract this way. They have a nasty habit of pulling apart sometimes, leaving the body in a coma. Better for both parties just to take it all at once and avoid irritation and pain. I swallow the boy's soul, then start looking for some more. Not because I need them, I've never been stronger than I am now, but because I need to distract myself from thinking about Ellie.

What am I going to do with her? I can't kill her, but I can't let her be harmed for fear it will hurt me too. I can't take her back to the surface or those bumbling Light idiots will track her down in an instant and she might try to escape. Eric was right, I presume she's still going to need food and water - there's certainly none of that down there. I ought to bring her something when I head back - which really ought to be sooner rather than later. Two days might have been a bit of an ambitious target, she'll need to eat before then.

Besides, I don't like the feeling of leaving her on her own. Why, I have no idea, but I don't like this feeling of being too far from her. My mark has stopped itching, but I can still feel Ellie very dimly at the edge of my consciousness. It's a comfort to know she's there, close by, and I can get to her if she needs me, or I need her...

Oh no. This can't be happening. No, no, no, no, shit this isn't true. Titan's lie must be getting to me, this isn't happening.

I can't be falling in love. I'm not, I'm not, I'm not.... but I am. Oh shit.

I'm falling in love with Ellie Winters.

The End

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