Don't Get KilledMature


"Shit!" I swear avoiding the sweap of a syth.

"Well, well, well. Seems we have a formed spirit running from its master probably" says the Dark Reaper who swung his syth at me. He's talking to the other two with him.

"I didn't run away" I mutter retreating back. "He left me stuck down here"

They all look at each other then laugh. "Who might he be then? Whats his name?" The first Dark reaper asks.

"Sable" I whisper. All of them freeze then one of the other two speak. Its a girl and she's quite small.

"Sable never leaves his captures alive long enough to settle" The girl says to the others then looks at me. "Why are you different?"

"Cause of a very long story which I don't want to tell" I mutter trying to stand taller but failing cause I'm so scared.

"This girls got guts to at least remaining standing in front of a reaper with no back up" The final reaper says.

"I can take care of my self" I snap. The last one begins to laugh. I light a flame in my hand then throw it at him setting the reaper on fire burning him to ash.

The last two repears look at me silently. Then the girl speaks just to whisper "Wow". A smile breaks out on her face and she steps forward offering her hand for a shake. "My names Fay and thats Rio behind me. I like your style girl"

I take her hand in a shake. "My name's Ellie" I say smiling faintly.

"Do you want to hang with us?" Rio asks stepping up and wrapping an arm around Fay's shoulder. I let a dark smile spread over my lips.

"I would love to till Sable gets back" I say coldly. Blimey... whats happening to me? Why am I turning so cold?

The End

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