Back to the SurfaceMature


My wrist continues to plague me for the rest of the day. Ellie is still terrified of the strange place I have brought her to, and her fear niggles away at me like a worm in a rotten apple. I don't want to believe any of this is happening, it all seems far too surreal for my liking. But there is no longer any denying it. Titan may be a two-faced liar, but the Triumvate have been around long enough to know not to lie to the rest of their kin. So it looks like Ellie is stuck with me... or am I stuck with her?

I don't know what to think of her any more. I am still desperate to get my hands on her soul, the thing seems to grow brighter and more enticing with every passing second, but something else is beginning to creep into my judgement. Somehow it's occured to me that stealing Ellie's soul would involve hurting her - and for some bizarre reason I don't like that idea. Why not, I've done it a thousand times before and the soul's never so much as squeaked about it. Maybe I've spent too long chasing Ellie. I think I need to distract myself.

"I'm going up for a while." I say to her. "Wander here as you please, nobody will bother you. Not with that mark anyway. Besides, your elemental powers ought to work down here - just blast anyone who gets on your nerves. I'll be back later ... oh, and don't even bother trying to escape. One, there's no way out and two, I will beat the snot out of you if you try."

For once, I don't actually mean what I'm saying, but before Ellie can ascertain that I am gone, hurtling upwards back to the mortal realms. There are other souls out there, many of them so easy to steal it's effortless. I'll spend a couple of days up here I think, just to give me some time to think. Time to think about what I'm going to do with Ellie.

I shiver as I return to the surface. To my surprise, I've re-appeared in the same place where Ellie and I went down. Eric and his friends have long since vanished, probably looking for Ellie in the hope she's escaped me. I'll have to watch out for them, I'm not in the mood for a fight.

I stalk off and begin looking for potential prey. Ellie can handle herself for a while ... can't she?

The End

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