I hesistate. This women make me nervous causing my tummy to feel like its tumbling. Then Sable pushes me slightly. I look at him with fear then approach the women. Her power is strong and causes me to tremble.

I don't want this mind reading gift anymore. "Hand me your wrist girl" The women snaps. I hold out my arm with the mark and the women grabs it firmly. Her grip hurts as she yanks back my sleeve.

"Hmm. It seems Sable that you know have a mate" The women pushes me away and I fall to the floor. "A Spirit mate that is.... which is a more powerful bond than any"

"What I meant to do?" Sable asks and he helps me up by a firm grip on my lower arm.

"Nothing different. Continue your work and.... keep her away from the Light Reapers. She's bonded so close to you she can easily change your form with her emotions"

Sable nods then bows forcing me too. "Thank you ancient ones" He says then strides off away. But we don't get far enough for me to miss their thoughts.

We must not let it happen again

Something must run in the blood of his family tree.

I shake my head those words confuse me. What do they mean in his family tree? Then it hits me. The one who turned.... he must be related to.

"Um, Sable.... Whose your father?" I asks quietly. Sable turns his head and looks back at me confused. Then slowly he answers.

"My fathers dead he was killed by a Light Reaper.... Capricorn if you must know. The supposed ex-Dark Reaper" Sable hisses.

Oh god.... it can't be true. Sable's dad was the first ever Dark Reaper and he doesn't even know it.....

The End

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