"Ellie, don't" Eric hisses. "I can get all of us out of this alive" Eric summons his syth but I put a hand on his shoulder. He looks at me and I shake my head. His whole essensence deflates.

I look at Sable. "Fine..... I give you my soul, now let the girl go" I whisper. Sable smiles.

Suddenly the girls out of his arms and I'm in them. "A soul can only be claimed with a kiss or in this case given" Sable whispers his breath cold. I shiver then lean forward and press my lips lightly on his.

Eric yells out just as I feel a sharp pain to my right wrist. Sable takes hold of it and pulls back my sleeve and smiles when seeing a small black star there with a moon. His symbol I suppose.

I look at it something stiring inside of me.... something that matches the pain. "That's odd" Sable says tilting his head.

"Its a Partner's mark" The young reaper gasps. "She's not claimed him she's turned cold enough for him to become her consort"

I freeze and those words slowly blushing. "It doesn't matter" Sable says pulling me to him and wrapping an arm round my waist. "I won again" He smiles directly at Eric but all of my attention is focused on Sable and strangle I feel as his is fixed on mine.

"See you later little one's. I must take my new.... partner as you put it down to hell"

The End

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