What's It Gonna Be?Mature


"Stop struggling you twat! Don't make me break anything else on that pretty face of yours."

But the girl won't listen to me. She continues to whine and shriek and struggle as I drag her across the field and into the clump of trees beyond. She's still a fairly young reaper - probably no older than a couple of decades. That would explain why she needed Melody around until she got the hang of things. I smirk, I think I may be her first experience of a Dark Reaper.  I don't thinks she's enjoying the experience much. Particularly after I broke her nose during the escape.

"Put me down! Put me down!" she shrieks, digging her nails into my wrist as I yank her along by her hair. I growl and slap her hard across the face with my free hand, blood from her nose wiping off onto my hand. Disgusted, I wipe it off in her dark hair, the long tresses twisted around my hand like coils of rope.

Ellie and her troop won't be far off now, I can practically feel the air humming with Ellie's power. I smirk, she won't be happy with me when she catches up. I'm going to make her pay for daring to defy me for so long. I'm going to make it hurt. Just like she hurt me.

"Come on Ellie." I hiss to myself, dumping my captive at my feet and angling my scythe at her throat. "Come and get me."

Sure enough, Ellie soon arrives in a flurry of whirling wind and leaves. Typically, Eric is close behind her.

"Let her go you sneaking rat." Eric snarls at me. I stick my middle finger in the air at him and he turns beet red. The girl whimpers at my feet. I give her a kick to shut her up.

"Now then, I see everyone's here." I smirk. "So let's get down to business. Ellie, you know how this goes don't you. Give your soul to me now and I won't hurt her. If you don't..." I touch my scythe to the Light Reaper's throat. "Then someone might lose their head. What's it gonna be?"

The End

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