I tried to follow Sable but I couldn't. I felt the sharp pain that was radiating through him covered by his plan.

"What am I going to do?" I hiss looking down the hallway. I couldn't see him so I did what he wanted me to.... I ran the other way trying to find Eric who was heading for Maths.

I see him just about to enter the classroom. "Eric!" I yell. He turns to my voice and smiles brightly when he see's me. God, please don't smile like that. I really don't want Sable to be true. Heck, I don't want Sable to exist.... Or do I?

Everytime I'm with him I seem to lose my sense of right and wrong until he says something miss placed. "Eric" I gasp coming to a stop in front of him.

"We need to find Melody... Sable's after her friend or the reaper shes looking after and I have a feeling he might already" I whispers. Anger forms on Eric's face.

"The idiot" He hisses then storms off ahead of me down the hall. I can tell he's trying to sense Melody's Reaper Light. I feel sick inside at his other thought. Of slicing Sable to tiny pieces.

Why does this make me feel sick? I thought I wanted Sable gone.... out of my life. Or maybe I don't.

When we find Melody its how I didn't want it to be. Fear is on her face and she looks totally scared. She turns as me and Eric come running up to her. "He took her..... The Dark reaper took her" Melody whispers.

Eric walks over and pulls her into a hug. "You two stay here.... I'll go get her back" Eric says to us.

"Oh no I am not. I'm going with you and don't you dare argue" I storm past Eric heading to the open door to the field.

The End

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