Ah, so the cat has claws after all. Evidently she's not as naive as I first thought ... damn it to hell. I feel as though I've been stung, something where my heart ought to be. I growl slightly, an unnatural sound coming from a human throat. Ellie's eyes widen momentarily. I laugh.

"So you think you know it all. Well you're wrong. I'm stronger than you think, and I haven't even begun to play properly. I was hoping to keep this as painless for you as possible... but it sounds to me like you want to play rough."

"Really? So setting a Hell Hound on me was being gentle?" she snaps, but she's not as angry as she is scared. I smirk.

"Oh yes. I've never once lost a kill in my life, no matter how many times the Light Reapers have tried to stop me. And oh they've tried. They tried to kill me once, do you know that? Ask your toy-boy, he'll know all about that."

"He is not my toy-boy." Ellie retorts. I laugh.

"Oh but he's devoted to you, don't you see it? He follows you everwhere, he scarcely ever leaves your side. I'll bet if you were to read his mind you would find yourself at the centre of every piffling little whim and fantasy he has ever dreamt up. You remind him of someone he lost a long time ago - someone I took from him personally. You should ask him about it, I think you might be surprised."

"What do you mean?" Ellie glares at me. "What are you talking about?"

But I'm not listening any more. I turn and stride towards the door, slipping back into the stream of pupils outside. It is time to put my plan into action. I need to find Melody and her friend before they get to their next class. Ellie is doubtless going to hunt Eric down now, so I still have some time.

But something is still burning inside me, that same stinging hurt that came when Ellie pushed me away. It's strange, I've never felt anything like this before and I am no stranger to pain, both physical and emotional. Why does it hurt so much that she rejected me? No matter, she will come crawling to me on her knees before this is over.

Melody will insure that.

The End

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