As I acted I don't know why but my heart beat. But not normally. Sort of a cold bang in my chest. It caused me to shiver and...... the boys mind was happy.

Why was he happy I shivered? Then it hit me. I went on with the performance like I didn't know but as soon as the bell had gone I raced out of the room. Unluckily he followed. "That was more reciting lines than acting" he says with a smile.

I turn on him and my eyes narrow. "You used a too close to your own Sable or should I be calling you Sam" I hiss with a tilt of my head.

He looks shocked but his face slowly calms. "How did you work it out?" He asks. "My thoughts were clean"

"Because you reacted when I shivered.... you were happy that I was-" I cut off short and he smiles.

"Cause you were falling for me" He says finishing my scentence..... sort of. I take a deep breath then turn and head off again down the corridor. He follows me of corse and I turn into an empty room.

He comes in and closes the door letting his image fall. The shock of him catches my breath and I don't know why. "What game are you playing Sable?" I say my voice shaking slightly. He smiles and approaches.

He reaches out with his hand and passes the back of his hand along my cheek. I shiver and he smiles leaning in to kiss me. I pull back and he sighs. "I'm not playing a game Ellie" He whispers and leans into kiss my neck.

I let him. His arms cradle me and he kisses my neck so softly I probably wouldn't know he was if it wasn't for the strange cold pleasure that passes through me. I find my breath coming heavy. "Isn't me wanting you enough?" He asks.

Something snaps within me. I push him away and back. "But you don't want me. You want my soul. You want to keep your reputation which seems to be crumbling around you very slowly" I hiss.

His jaw tightens and suddenly I'm very very worried.

The End

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