New Last Name, New faceMature


"Okay, so whats gonna happen I can't use my old name?" I say to Eric as we approach the school. I can't believe he had a bag ready and my favorite style bag at that. A satchel.

"You'll be going in as Ellie Light" Eric confirms. "No one will recognise you. When you become a spirit you become your soul form. Haven't you ever felt sometimes when looking in the mirror that your reflection can't be you?"

"I use to yeah" I mutter.

"And you haven't recently right? Thats cause this form is you. Its your total essense" Eric says with a nod. I nod back then begin to think.

I'm so deep in thought that when we reach the school I feel slightly lost.... and in pain. "I don't belong here anymore" I whisper silently to myself as Eric takes the steps ahead of me.

I shake my head then follow him up the steps. I enter into the reception. Each motion around here seems so familiar. Then I see the poster reading:

"We'll miss you Ellie Winters"

There's a photo there as well. One I've always hated when I was.... well the other me. I'm Ellie Light now... a spirit not the person in that picture. I take a deep breath and walk past it to find Eric at the reception. He looks at me and smiles. I smile back.

God does he always have to be so cheery. I shake my head. God, I'm becoming rude. He's been nothing but kind to me. I step up to the reception with him and Mrs Richards looks up.

"Ah and this must be Ellie Light your sister. Here's your timetable dear. They are slightly different but you have English, Maths and R.E together" Mrs Richards says with a smile handing over my timetable.

"Thank you" I say taking the sheet of paper and looking at it carefully.

"Registration has finished go to your first lesson dears" Mrs Richards tell us. Both Eric and me thank her and move off.

"We have English together first then split for Drama" Eric says pointing it out on my timetable. I nod.

"Lets go then" I say heading off towards the classroom we are in.

The End

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