I sit at the narrow desk, glaring at the blackboard and wondering what in the name of all things evil I'm doing. I swore to myself I'd never do this, and look where I am. Acting like a schoolchild just to stay close to Ellie? Argh, I can't stand this place. The sheer monotony and lack of anything remotely inspiring makes me want to jump out of the window. Keeping up a disguise only adds to the discomfort.

I didn't want Ellie to be able to pinpoint me in the crowds of people here - at least, not unless I wanted her to - so I opted to alter my appearance just a bit. Instead of my pale, black-haired self, I was now a narrow-faced, awkward looking creature with hair the colour of dried mud and a pallid complexion to match. I was out of practice at changing my appearance and I looked rather sick, but if anyone who had seen me before had looked at me now they wouldn't have recognised me. Except the eyes of course, but I can't do anything about that. Besides, who's going to get close enough to look at them?

Students begin filing into the classroom. To my disgust Ellie is not in this particular class but, lo and behold, someone familiar steps into the room. It's Melody, the Light Reaper who was with Eric. Her charge must be among the horde of angsty, hormonal teenagers who have invaded the room with their stench. I crouch lower in my desk, sniffling miserably. I feel abysmal, I'm tired, angry and keeping up the disguise is draining my strength little by little. What's worse is that I know I will have a difficult job finding Ellie here. Melody sits two seats over from me, her human form perfectly normal. There's a girl sitting next to her, giggling at something Melody has said. I presume this must be another low-level Reaper she's aiding and she's taken a human form to keep a closer eye on her. Evidently she's worried someone might try and cause trouble ....

Suddenly an idea strikes. Melody is a friend of Eric's. Eric is a friend of Ellie - well, more like devoted to her as it is, he follows her everywhere like a dog. Now, if I'm right, Melody would come running to Eric if anything happened to her companion. Eric would suspect a Black Reaper of something like this, and being the paranoid fool he is, would doubtless blame me. Ellie would come along too. All I would need is the right bargaining tool to persuade her into surrendering. As much as I can tempt her personally, there's nothing like a few friends egging you on to help you make a decision.

I smile nastily and look over at Melody and the girl, both oblivious to the threat that lurks just a few metres from them. All I have to do now is bide my time, and wait for the moment to strike.

The End

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