"Right!" Eric shouts coming into my room and yanking open the curtains. "Its time to go to school" He turns on his heels to face me barly awake in my bed. Slowly anger boils inside of me.

"Get Out Of My Room!!" I yell and throw a fire ball across at him. He yelps his syth coming out to catch the power of the fire ball. He lowers it when he's caught it and tilts his head to look at me.

"Some one's cranky" He mutters making his way out of the room. I sigh when the door closes and slowly get to my feet. My body aches and I think I know why. Its gonna be cause I'm turning from a spirit into a solid spirit. I don't really understand it but I need to learn to  except it.

I go over to the wardrobe and open it. Okay, maybe I shouldn't be expecting to find something but when I do I find myself confused. "I got your clothes last night!" Eric calls through the door. "Oh and to keep a low profile you and I will be starting school. No doubt Sable will too"

The last words make me blush.... Sable. I've kissed him twice now. Both times after though he's wanted my soul. But I still haven't given in. Thats good right? But I'm not so sure cause it seems to me each time he doesn't get my soul he just wants to try harder. I don't even know what he wants my soul for anymore. He thinks its power but I can see the tinges of doubt growing around that thought.

....Oh great. I know what I feel about him. I love him. A Dark Reaper who killed me and wants my soul and I love him after just a day and night. Uh, I need to find something to keep my mind busy.

I really don't want to be thinking about him at all right now. It just makes me feel..... cold but with strange pleasure. Why is the cold pleasurable. Its like I'm losing my heart.... Wait, a secound. As a spirit do I even have a heart??

Uh, so many complications. I shake my head and pull out some jeans, top and underwear (Blushing like hell that Eric picked underwear). I yank on the clothes after taking a long shower in the unsuite attached to my bedroom.

I then walk down the hallway and into the kitchen where Eric is stood at the stove cooking breakfast. "I know you're a Vegitarian so I made pancakes instead of going for an english breakfast" Eric says turning to smile at me.

I sit down at the table and he puts a plate in front of my already having five pancakes stacked on it. "Thank you" I mutter.

"You're welcome... oh, here's the honey, melted chocolate, lemon juice and sugar" Eric says placing each in front of me calmly.

I smile then cover my first pancake with lemon juice and sugar. I absolutely adore lemon juice and sugar on pancakes. In fact thats what I have on all five of my pancakes.

When I'm finished I look at Eric. "So" I say. "School, huh?"

"School" He says confirming it.

The End

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