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When I finally pull away from Ellie, I can barely contain my elation. This is working so much better than I thought it would - hell, she's practically encouraging me! I've got her wrapped around my little finger, she won't so much as struggle, whatever I do. Besides, she'll think it's all just a dream - little does she know that I'm just as present here as I am anywhere else.

"Come on." I whisper. "Give it to me. You know you want to."

Ellie's eyes go hard. "No."

I smile and pull her in closer, her head against my chest, so she can hear the silence there.

"I don't have a heart Ellie. I never have, and I never will. Your spirit is the closest thing I can get to a real, beating heart. Hear it, hear that silence, then you'll know why I'm still haunting you."

And Ellie listens. She listens for a long time, her warm weight nestled into my arms. For some reason, I find myself smiling. Something feels right here. Yes, that must mean she's relenting ... mustn't it? Why else would I be here if I didn't think I could get what I wanted? Any other Dark Reaper who saw this would probably have torn me to shreds if they could - after all, what right had I to be doing this with my prey? But no-one else is here, and I may do what I please.

Finally she steps back. "I won't let you." she says shortly.

I snort. "Of course you won't. Then why do you let me stay here? Surely you don't believe the crap Titan was talking about?"

"I do. I know he was telling the truth, I felt it in his mind. You know it too, somewhere in that empty chest of yours, you know it's true too."

I step back, anger boiling up inside me. Titan has the girl completely taken in, but he won't get me too. He just wants to dupe me into thinking I can't kill her - he's always hated me.

"I'll see you around Ellie." I say, regaining my composure. "I'll be waiting."

Wrenching myself out of Ellie's dream, I sit calmly on the rooftop where I left my sleeping form. So, she wants to play it that way does she? Well then, if she's so adamant this prophecy is true, why don't I play along? Surely when she thinks she has me under control her guard will drop. And when her guard drops ...

"Alright then." I say to the empty sky. "I'll play your game Titan. Just don't be surprised when you lose."

The End

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