Night TimeMature


"Are you sure you're okay?" Eric asks once again. "No scratches or marks or anything" He says moving round checking me. I turn on him my face angry.

"I said I was fine" I snap. Wind lashes out at him pushing him back with a stumble. He's shocked at my anger, so such he doesn't follow when I storm off back home.

He stops me before I reach the door. "You can't go in you're dead remember" He says.

I hear the words but they don't register until after a secound. "Where am I going to live then? We'll remain in town right? I mean I look different"

"Yes, I had an apartment I lived in.... besides I need to remain here to watch Max" Eric explains. We begin back down the road.

"Max Wilkson?" I say confused. Eric nods and looks at me.

"He's my other charge. I need to still protect him but you're my priority" Eric explains. We then walk to the apartment in silence. I pass through it not checking it out and find a bedroom.

I close the door and lock it then go over to the bed. I slide in beneath the covers and easily fall to sleep.

"Hello, Ellie" I spin round to see Sable standing tall with arrogance. I immediatly feel some powerful stiring inside me.

"What do you want? And how are you in my dreams?" I hiss. Sable looks around then looks directly at me.

"Its a trick I learned that only experienced Reapers can do" Sable answers with a smile. I fidget and try to move away but my back hits a wall. Sable takes the chance to approach and quickly.

He cages me to the wall with his arms. "I told you I wouldn't be far.... I'm in every shadow around you and they are something you can't control"

I'm now shaking. But its not with fear..... it with something else...... "Do what you came here to do" I whisper.

He smiles then tilts up my chin with his hand. Then he leans down slowly to brush his lips over mine. He hesitates then presses his lips down.

The End

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