What I WantMature


What do I want? I'd have thought that answer was obvious - haven't I already tried to take her soul once? And yes, she has changed. Her three hours must be up, she's solidified again and has returned to her human form ... sort of. I can feel the power coming off her in waves, a strang inhuman power that makes every hair on my body stand on end. Or is that just the ways she's looking at me, almost expectantly.

I toss my head. "Your little boyfriend will be here soon. I can feel him coming this way now - I'll bet he's thinking I'm going to murder you."

"Something like that." Ellie replies. "He's calling you names too, lots of names ... and yes he think you're going to kill me."

"Brilliant." I mutter. The last thing I need is that pathetic whelp Eric tagging after me. He's not the strongest or most intelligent of beings, but he can be a pain in the arse when he wants to. I'd like to wring his skinny little neck... I cut myself off mid-thought, knowing Ellie is probably listening to me. I can feel the brightness in her, even at this distance. It's so close it almost burns, but still just out of my reach, like a dream, immaterial and unclaimable. I can't take it by force, how else am I going to get it? A thought strikes me and I smile a snake-like smile. I cannot take what I want from her ... but there is another way I can get it.

"I'll tell you what I want." I hiss softly, slithering off my perch and sitting down beside her, leaning into her ear so only she can hear me. "I want your soul - and I think I know how to get it. I can't take it forcibly, so you've got to give it to me willingly." I lean in closer until my skin brushes hers ever so lightly. I pull a strand of her hair into my fingers and twist it around my hand. "All I have to do is persuade you to hand yourself over."

I feel Ellie stiffen, I smile slightly, leaning in to talk again, but just at that moment Eric come skidding into the alley. He sees me leaning into Ellie and gives a shriek of alarm. I snarl and turn to Ellie.

"I won't be far away. I'm never far away from what I want. And, sooner or later, I'll get it."

With that I am gone again, vanishing just as Eric's scythe slams into the ground where I was sitting. My laughter echoes in the empty air, and Ellie still seems shocked by what I have told her.

But she knows I mean it. She knows I want her, and she knows she is the only one with the power to give me what I want.

And she knows that, no matter where she runs and no matter who stand in my way, I will always be close. I am never far from what I want.

The End

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