If not for the fact that I had felt the truth in Titan's mind through out the whole speech I would have said his story had been totally, utterly unbelievable. But I had felt the truth.

And obviously Sable was too full with darkness to except the fact what Titan spoke was the truth. I mean seriously the guys a bloody saint. I saw no greed or jealousy in his mind just pure honest truth. He's focused on the greater good, the balance of life.

"He doesn't believe him" I say when Eric reapears. I'm leaning against a tree, arms folded across my chest. Strangely.... I'm utterly calm.

"Of corse he doesn't" Eric snaps. "He's a discusting piece of-"

I don't know what happens but what I do know is that before Eric can utter his next word my hand is around his throat pinning him to the tree. Then I let go shock. Why the hell did I do that?

I step back and Eric looks up. I can't even look at him. Its then I turn on my heels and run. I don't know why I didn't realise earlier but I'm wearing a sort of summers dress... totally white.

I don't stop running till I reach an alley in... a bad sort of town but luckily its empty. I lean against the wall then slide down to sit on the floor.

I pull my knees up to my chest then bury my face in my knees and begin to cry. "You know that's an emotion of the soul" My head shoots up to see Sable sitting on the edge of a dumpster. "Dark Reapers have no soul.... we can't cry or laugh with true joy. Nothing that shows true emotion"

"I know the point of this is too prove you feel nothing and that Titan was just speaking bullshit. But I can tell you every word he spoke was truthful" I say looking directly at him.

His teeth bare in a sort of growl but it doens't effect me. I continue looking at him calmly. His expression shifts to one of wonder. "You're not frightened of me at all anymore?" He whisper questioningly.

I nod. "I've changed I believe" I look at my nails and flick on out causing a flame to flick into the air and fade. "What do you want?"

The End

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