Gone ... For NowMature


No. No, this can not be happening. This is just a lie, a sick twisted lie. I can't believe this - this is ridiculous! Love is for the weak, I refuse to believe this! I don't love this pathetic girl, no matter how strong she is. Titan is trying to trick me out of what is rightfully mine, I know it. That fairytale is just that - nothing more than a fairytale for children.

I know what's going on. Titan wants Ellie's power for himself. That sneaking, lying old rat, he knew about her from the start! He must have some way of blocking my power so it only looks like I can't claim her .... bastard.

Eric is watching me out of the corner of his eye, blood streaming from his lip and clutching his arm. I curl my lip in distaste, the wretch is so hell-bent on his duty that he fails to notice anything. I'll bet he believes every word of this lie, and I'll bet she does too. Well, Titan may have fooled them, but he won't trick me.

"Well." I say. "This has been informative. But if you'll excuse me, I have other business to attend to." I stop, eyes boring into Ellie's. "But this won't be the last you see of me. I will be back - and next  time, Titan won't be around to save you."

Eric lurches forward as if hoping to stop me, but I am already gone, vanishing in a cloud of black dust and sulfur. The sulfur stink will hang in the air for hours, but by then I will be long gone. I need space to think, and I need a new plan. Keroo has been more of a hindrance than a help - in fact he has already fled back to the Other Side with his tail between his legs, the useless beast. No, I will need more than a Hell Hound at my disposal to take her. Her power will increase as she gains confidence using it, so I must act fast.

Re-appearing on the other side of town, on the roof of a derelict multi-story car park, I howl my frustration to the skies. This is more than I had bargained for - far far more. Ellie has eluded me, the only spirit ever to do so in all my existance. What'w worse is that now they will expect me to play along with this wretched prophecy. Well, they have another thing coming.

If Ellie ever gets to Ever, it will be over my cold dead corpse.

The End

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