I won't let youMature


A soon as I see the syth near Eric's neck something snaps within me. I can't let Sable kill him. "No!" I yell everyone including the hell hound look at me. "I won't let you" I hiss at Sable.

I then put my right arm across my body and fling it across throwing a large chuck of rock towards him. He twirls his syth and slices through it only to now find me standing in front of him.

Sables eyes go wide and I kick out. He blocks it with the handle of his syth but stumbles back towards the forests. I punch out and this time he has to block with his arm. Then again and again each time making him back further and further into the forest.

Then as we get deep in it... his back hits a tree and I'm out of breath. Slowly... Sable smiles. "My turn" he says coldly. Then his syth disapearing he takes hold of me and presses me against the tree.

"Its quite strange how Reaper's have to claim souls but the Light one's invented it so I'm not surprised this is how it works" Then pressing his thumbs into my neck he tils up my head and bring his lips down on mine.

I freeze and feel a sharp cold ice shatter through my body feeling actually.... pleasant. I find my arms wrapping around his chest and my body pressing closer to his.

What am I doing?? It's like we're are both thinking it at the same time and through Sable's mind I can see he's feeling the passion as well.

And that it isn't normal. But then he breaks away stepping back and a smile flickers on his lips. "Now you're mine" Sable says.

"No that ain't true" We both turn to look at the sorce of the voice. A gray haired man stands half the height of the tree's with Eric at his side his lip bloody.

"Titan" Sable hisses bowing his head. I look at the man and he looks at me and smile before looking back at Sable.

"This girl is different, Sable. That is the reason even before her birth she was on the list. As you have already seen she controls the elements and maybe you might have realised she can hear even a Reapers thoughts"

Eric moves to stand next to me. Sable looks at me something on his face slightly angry then back to Titan. "Whose Titan?" I whisper to Eric as I check his cuts which are slowly healing. I summon water to my hands, which seems quite a natural thing to do, then wash out his cuts with it lightly.

"He's incharge of all Reapers, Dark, Light or Grim. He keeps the balance settled, thats why he's here.... he's gonna actually explain your reason on the list which rarely happens"

I nod then we both turn back to face Titan. "And she cannot be claimed by a mere kiss, her soul is pure and I think you two both know the fairytails" Titan explains.

Eric gasps and Sable curses. "What are you saying? Those fairytails can't been real Dark Reapers have no heart"

"Then she will choose a Light but its only a Dark Reaper now as a spirit the girl can truely love. And you're the one who killed her so its your claim, no other Dark Reaper will touch her"

"I don't get it" I whisper to Eric.

"When the Reapers started to be born is was said the first Dark Reaper killed a mortal but when he went to claim her soul he couldn't so he continued to follow her. Slowly each day he began to feel draw to her in a way no Dark Reaper should feel..... by love. It was when he truely proclaimed his love for her that he was able to claim her. Seems that this is a repeat of the story" Eric explains

"What happened to them?" I ask.

"Aparantly they live among mortal's never aging and always moving somewhere new but always together" Eric finishes.

I turn and look a Sable who seems pissed. Then he turns to Titan. "This is your doing" Sable hisses.

Titan nods then smiles warmly. "And another thing will be my doing. Both you and Eric will be bound to earth until the girl is claimed. Then you will both be welcomed back to Ever weather you choose to come or not"

Eric gasps. "But this isn't my fault and Ever is for Light angels" Eric squeals.

Titan's face goes stern. "This is your fault Eric and they did get one part of the fairytail wrong... the ending. The first Dark Reaper came back to Ever with his love and is now known as Capricorn"

"He got a star sign...." Sable whispers in wonder.

"Yes, And now I must leave. Work quickly people might start to get worried and come after you" Then with a flash of Light and Darkness, Titan is gone and I'm left standing in a field with two Reapers.

The End

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