Prepare to DieMature


I scarcely have time to register what is going on before Keroo come scampering to my side. Blood covers the Hell Hound's body, pierced all over by miniature shards of ice from the remnants of the lake. The stupid beast tries to force his mind into contact with mine, half mad with pain and terror. I push him away, grimacing as I feel the agony tearing through the creature's body. Keroo whimpers and falls at my feet, burying his great head between my feet. I kick him savagely in the face, I do not have time to deal with the useless hound's whimpering.

Ellie gapes at me, blue eyes wide in surprise. The fool Eric is still standing in front of her, but I can feel his terror, just as I did at the morgue. I snarl and step out into the open.

"What did I tell you before, Light Reaper?" I demand, voice echoing ominously through the now silent air.

He does not reply, but I can see his knuckles begin to turn white as he grips his staff tighter. I laugh derisively, does he really think he can fight me? We both know I'd obliterate him in seconds, he'd have to be sent back to the Other Side in a matchbox. I conjure up my own scythe, my eyes locked on Eric's.

"Get out of the way." I whisper. "Get out of the way and I might just spare your miserable excuse for an existance."

Eric shakes his head and stands his ground. I shake my head and snap at Keroo who, although badly bloodied, drags himself over to stand beside me, hackles raised and fur bristling.

"Get out of the way." I say again, louder this time. "Or I'll tell him to tear your throat out."

"You wouldn't dare!" Eric retorts, but he knows I would. A low growl begins to resonate from Keroo's throat and the Light Reaper whimpers slightly. I step forward threateningly.

"Where's your little friend Melody?" I ask tauntingly. "Run off has she? You should have stayed with her, not been so stupid as to come back here. Injured or no, Keroo here can still tear you to shreds. Then again, maybe your errant friend here can scrape you off the floor when we're done with you."

Ellie tries to get past Eric, but the Light Reaper refuses to move. Such a noble act of him .... the fool. Nobody can save him now. He is alone, with nothing but an errant spirit to back him up, and she - despite her power - is too frozen with terror to be of any use. Stupid mistakes cost lives. Literally, in this case.

I incline my head ever so slightly, momentarily touching on my bond with Keroo.

~Kill him.~

Keroo takes the incentive. With a blood-curdling howl he lunges, catching Eric on the arm and dragging him to the floor. The Light Reaper shrieks with pain as the Hell Hound's teeth sink into his skin. Keroo snarls and flops sideways, his blood-soaked form crushing Eric against the ground. He gasps and his scythe drops from his hand. I laugh and step up, my scythe hovering inches from his unprotected throat.

"Prepare to die, weakling."

The End

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