"What do you mean?" I ask confused.

"You shouldn't be able to actually do that" Eric explains. "Never mind learn to do it on your own" This is going to be terrible.

"How is this going to be terrible?" I ask raising an eyebrow. Eric stares shock and then I realise I didn't hear the last few words with my ears..... but with my mind. "Oh god!" I clamp a hand over my mouth.

Eric then turns in a circle moving away then coming back pushing a hand through his hair as he does so. "This is bad... Now I know why he's after you. Now I know why you're on the list..." He looks directly at me. "Your part immortal.... and even only being part means you're more powerful than a Reaper"

"Then what are we going to do?" I ask scared. He opens his mouth to speak but then a monster of a beast bounces into the clearing next to the lake. I step back and scream. Eric jumps in front of me syth draw. He flicks it and a bolt of light zaps out. It hits the thing in the chest powerfully but the creature shakes it off like a flea.

"Oh my god. Oh my god" I continuely keep saying that as we back futher and further towards the lake. Then I'm in it and Eric steps forwards twirling his syth powerfully. But the monster just wacks him a side with a flick of his paw.

Its then I scream.... ear piercingly but it isn't just my voice that acts. The air around me seems to amplyfy it. The lake are me freezes and then it splits and all the shards of ice float up into the air.

The monster seems to watch it knowingly and shocked. Then the ice flys at it and pierce ever part of its skin. At that moment the boy just steps through the tree line to watch.

And I finally learn his name. Sable.... The Dark Reaper of the Night.


The End

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