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Where is that blasted girl? She seems to have moved faster than I expected, either that or her spiritual essence is beginning to wane. However, I have not followed her for all these months to be thrown off quite so easily. I know she is here somewhere, it's just a case of finding out where. I know her usual haunts - I learned them by heart in preparation for the kill - and I know everywhere she would look for support. Her family are at the morgue, doubtless weeping over her body and mourning the death of their daughter. Pathetic mortals.

A light breeze plays about my feet as I stalked through the streets, barely more than a half-visible shadow crouched against the dirty walls of the appartment blocks. Ellie's aura is strong, but it is thin on the ground and all these people with their pointless milling about is only serving to dilute it further.

I sigh and wait, searching with my mind for any trace of my prey. Where is she? How can she hide so well? She is more than a mere spirit - I have known that since the beginning - but this is far more than I expected of her. I will have to find some other way to track her down, my own powers are not acting fast enough. I pull the black whistle from my pocket and blow. No sound comes out - not within the range of human or Reaper hearing at least - but I feel a slight tremor as something crosses over from the Other Side. I follow the disturbance with my mind, and soon I find what I am looking for.

"Ah, Keroo my old friend, it has been too long." I hiss as I meet the mind of the great grey beast that prowls into view, seemingly from thin air.

Keroo looks up at me, standing up to my elbow at the shoulder and mouth agape to reveal a mouth full of mutliple rows of sharp yellow teeth. I reach out and stroke the monstrous muzzle before taking a firm hold of the thick metal collar around his throat. I need not bother with this precaution, Keroo serves none but me.  I raised him from a pup, the largest and fiercest of his litter, and now the most feared Hell Hound in all existance. Many a soul has been brought kicking and screaming to my feet in his jaws, and those pathetic Light Reapers can do nothing to stop him.

"Seek her." I tell Keroo. "Seek her and bring her to me."

Keroo growls, then vanishes into the crowd, little more than a thin whisp of grey smoke. I smile and follow his lead, taking my time. I do not need to rush - why waste my energy in running when my Hell Hound can simply bring Ellie to me? She's put up a good fight, I'll warrant her that.

But, good fight or no, she will be mine. One way or another.

The End

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