Damn, where is she? Stupid Melody... if she hadn't start to panic we probably would have been able to take him.

Sable.... man. I thought he was a myth, I mean come on his title is The Dark Reaper of the Night and that he has never missed a target. I know I only recently got to become a watcher but damn, if I knew it was this hard I would have stayed a helper like Melody.... Although she is more of a damn nuisence.

I sigh then stop on the sidewalk and close my eyes taking a deep breath. I need to focus on Ellie. Her spirit should be more clear now that she has no body tied to it... her whole essense is spirit.

I hate this and I only have half an hour to find her before she becomes solid. Then I'll have a spirit charge and I ain't ready for that... all the training, Uh!

Then I find a flicker of her spirit and my eyes snap open. A smile spreads across my face. "Got you" I say happily. I quickly walk into and alley where I click my fingures and transport myself to where she is making my form thin and just seeable for reapers and spirits.

I find her at a lake. Her knees are pulled up to her chest and its clear that tears are spilling down her cheeks. I freeze and watch. Seriously not alot of Reapers cry, but spirit tears are different.... even when the spirit is solid they are different.

The tears are like liquid diamonds reflecting every speck of light so it glows. I finally find my voice. "Ellie" I whisper.

She jumps at her name and spins round to face me.... But I'm not looking at her face but at her hands which are holding fire.


My legs ached as I ran. Why did they ache so much?? Cause they're not really. Shut up stupid voice in head.

I turn a corner at the end of the street and then.... I see the park. Its quite a big park, more like a piece of land and when ever I was upset I always went there to get away.

I make my way through it running till I got to the lake. I sit down and begin to cry. Then I realise I'm cold and rub my hands together. A fire sparks and I find my self just staring at it shocked as it burns in my palms but not burning them.

"Ellie" I jump up and spin round to face the person. Discovering its Eric. I lower my hands and the flames go out causing him to finally look at my face. "How the hell did you learn on your own to do that?"

The End

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