The MorgueMature


"But she wasn't meant to die she was your charge why weren't you there?" a voice hisses about me. I can't see the sorce of it because of some sheet over me.

"Max was in trouble how the hell was I meant to know it was a distraction to get her. We thought it was him on the list" another voice snaps. It sounds male and its obviously annoyed but not as much as the other.

"Well, she was still your charge.... you better move her on before she stirs" the first voice says. Its obvious now its a girl. I choose that point to sit up pushing the cover off me.

The two figures next to me freeze. The boy is pointing a syth towards me and I'm just about to scream when the girl jumps forward and clamps a hand over my mouth. "Geeze, Eric. Don't you think you could of notice her stiring" The girl snaps back at him. He lowers his syth with a sigh and as he does it turns into dust. He then runs a free hand through his hair.

"Can you please be quiet Melody? You're the reason I can't consentrate" He says glaring at her. I find myself looking around see metal tables some cover with white blanket with lumps beneath.

"Where am I?" I choke out.

"Great Eric now we have to explain the whole thing to her!" The girl Melody yells quietly. I hear the words and registure them but they don't seem to make sense then I think back to the boy in the park.

"Oh god! I'm in the morgue" I yell. I then turn to jump off the table. I need to get out of here. I'm not really dead.

"No! Ellie!" Eric yells but my feet have hit the floor and I feel a great snap inside of me. I stumble have to grip the table behind me. "Now your in for it" Melody hisses. "Her tie to her body has snapped"

My.... Body??? I spin round and choke back a scream clamping my hands over my mouth. Lying where I was sitting is my body.... part of the covers pulled back. "What the???" I gasp. I look down at my hands. They seem shimmering but settling into a pale complextion.

"Whats happening to me?" I whisper looking at both of them in turn. They look at each other then back at me.

"We are the Reconnaissance Error Acquisitions Personnel. Evaluation and Recovery" Melody says with a smile. I feel confused and I know I look it.

"Aka R.E.A.P.E.R's" Eric tells me. Then it registers.

"Oh my god your here for my soul.... Did one of you kill me?" I look between them scared.

"No, no, no" Melody says shaking her head then smiling lightly. "Some Dark Reaper did. We're here to say sorry and lead you on to the afterlife"

"Why do you need to say sorry?" I whisper.

"Because I killed you before your time" Everyone looks in the direction of the voice and I see him. The boy with black hair and eyes so dark I believe they are black. I hear Melody and Eric take in a sharp breath and then they have their syth's in their hands.

But the Dark reaper already has his and while Melody's and Eric's are a long white wooden stick with a light silver blade his is much longer and completely black. "This isn't good" Eric whispers.

The Dark Reaper smiles. "What that the fact I want her soul and considering my title I have never failed. So true"

"Ellie run" Melody whispers.

"What??" I say confused and scared.

"You're a spirit run through the wall and keep running it will be three hours till your spirit body settles and becomes solid but for now... Run!"

And thats what I do taking one last look at the boy I turn on my heels running through every object out of the morgue.... scratch that.. out of the entire hospital.

The End

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