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Everything is going according to plan. I smile as Ellie falls to the ground in my arms, her body limp and cold as a corpse. Well, I remind myself, technically she is a corpse. But it's not her body I want. Oh no, what I want is something far more precious .... but first I have to get it.

"Help!" I cry, the very picture of shock and concern. "Please help, she's collapsed, someone help me!"

The people in the park are quick to react, rushing to my side and gabbling like headless chickens. I continue my theatrics, well rehearsed after all these years of practice, tears streaming down my face as I cry for my "sister." Everything happens very fast after that; someone calls the ambulance, the paramedics arrive and inspect her, they declare her dead on the scene and take her to the morgue. However, when they look around for me I am already gone. There are far too many complications for me to bother staying around and putting on a show for them. After all, Ellie is dead and that is all I need.

I am at the morgue before the body, lurking in the shadows, silent and perfectly still. Nobody notices me as they carry Ellie's body inside. Her parents will be contacted soon, then the whole family will gather around for the funeral. But I will have taken Ellie long before that. After all, who am I to leave my new posessions lying around for anyone to claim, after I have spent all this time watching and following them? Surely my efforts must earn me some prize?

I smile to myself, already imagining the feel of Ellie's warm, bright soul in my hands. Yes, that is reward enough for me. Tonight, I shall come and claim it.

The End

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