Movement At LastMature


I'm awake long before Ellie the next morning. Whatever training Capricorn's been doing with her, it must have been pretty exhausting. Usually it's me that has issues with getting out of bed in the morning. Still, I slither out of the bed and head over to the window. It's still fairly early, but the blasted birds are already up and cheeping like there's no tomorrow.

"Stupid feather heads." I mutter, scrambling up onto the windowsill and peering out into the daylight.

What is Ellie going to make of my news? I don't know if Capricorn or Titan has told her anything else about the situation, but as far as I know I'm the one with the information on me. Will she realise just how serious the situation is for her? After all, being kicked out isn't much of a problem for me, I can just return to the underworld and go back to my old life, but Ellie... she'd just be another human. Then again, Eric, Melody and the rest are still doing their thing back on Earth, so she'd have friendly company.

But what if they don't send us back to Earth?

I push that thought out of my head. They wouldn't do anything else, would they? Detestably though Aries and Illiana may find us, they wouldn't kill us... or would they? I shake my head, why am I thinking like the world's a conspiracy theory? Maybe because it is...

Before I have a chance to rebuke myself, Ellie stirrs  across the room.

"We have movement." I murmer. Ellie opens an eye and glares at me.

"Shut up. You weren't being chased up and down mountains with a stick yesterday."

"True." I nod. "But I'm not the protege Zodiac here. Anyway, are you awake enough to hear what I have to say?"

"Mmhmm... maybe after breakfast, I can't think straight right now."

I sigh, but let the matter slide. Best to wait until she's ready to hear it, then perhaps I'll be able to get a comprehensible answer out of her. None the less, every second seems far too long for my liking. I don't know why, but every instinct in me is screaming at me to get the news out in the open. It's like I'm carrying some sort of time bomb that's going to blow up in my face at any second.

Still, breakfast's not too long to wait .... is it?

The End

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