I feel so tired. So tired I skip Dinner and go straight to bed. Heck, I didn't get to see Sable at lunch cause Capricorn kept me running along a mountainous coastline.

I stumble into my bedroom slaming the door behind me. I walk over to the bed and collapse in a heap. I don't bother to change but slip off my shoes and crawl beneath the covers.

Eventually I fall to sleep only to wake by the door opening. "Asleep?? Hmm" Sable mutters. I want to smile but I'm only half awake and can't be bothered. I feel the bed creak and then Sable's arms are around me.

I snuggle up close to him and mumble happily. "Shhh" Sable whispers stroking my hair. "Just have to wait till the morning to talk to you about Aries"

Aries??? What has he found out??

Damn it. I'm going to be worrying now. I move about nervously before settling down again and drifting into deep sleep.

The End

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