I pace up and down the outside wall of the stables, muttering angrily to myself. I had spent hours trying to track Illiana and Aries down, but for the life of me I couldn't find out where they'd gone. Still, the information Gemini had given me was enough to get me to speculate. Aries clearly wanted control of the council - and that, I know, would be bad news for Ellie and I. But surely someone will stand up to him? Capricon perhaps, or one of the braver Zodiacs? I doubt Taurus or Scorpio would take kindly to being walked over by a snob like Aries, and even gentle Aquarius dislikes him. Having spoken to their consorts, it seems as if Aries' chances of winning the election are very low indeed.

"But what is their issue with Ellie and I?" I mutter to myself.

Surely they can't hate us eternally because of one prank - no matter how unpleasant. Did they mention the time Gemini did something to their bathtub? Well, they appear to have forgiven them quick enough. What is it about Ellie and I that they don't like? The fact that she was human? Or the fact that I'm a Dark Reaper ... or just because our fathers happen to be two of the most poweful members of the council? Oh I don't know, it's all too complicated for my liking.

I walk back to Pegasus and rub her nose. "Hey Pinto." I say as she huffs in my face. "You will not believe how complicated this situation is getting. When Ellie gets back, I'm going to have to tell her. And for some reason, I don't think she's going to like it."

The End

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